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Motorized Towing Session Tubing Lake Fairview (...
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We are Orlando's newest kayak and paddle board and paddle boat center located next to Grill's Lakeside on beautiful Lake Fairview. We are geared towards wholesome family fun and if that is what you are looking for then this is the place for you.This motorized tubing session will allow up to 2 people to be pulled at a time in our sit-in style tube where you will be able to hold on for the ride of your life. This is a private session and we are able to customize and gear the experience to each person. If you want a relaxing tow or all the way up to an exciting thrill ride... we have you covered. The session starts off with a 15 minute equipment and safety lesson which the driver go over hand signals, how to self rescue, etc. During the session each person will get either 3 or 5 pulls (5 minutes each) depending on the option purchased.  All reservations are per person and  life vest, whistle and safety instruction. Not valid with discounts.

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