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Tiger's Great Journey
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Tiger wants to stand up to the bullies at his school, but feels powerless. His Grandfather recommends Shotokan Karate. Tiger joins a dojo and begins a journey to learn the skills and character traits that will help him make a difference in the world. He faces 12 challenges that build courage, courtesy, integrity, humility, self-control, trust, endeavor, responsibility, cooperation, justice, compassion, and creativity. Along the way he learns how to serve and how to lead. Eventually, he reaches the Ryoky Mountain and the Temple of the Clouds, where he hearns his black belt. He knows he is prepared to begin the greater journey of life with the character and self-mastery that will give him the opportunity to do as much as possible for the greatest number of people. This book is a fun adventure read, but also a guide for students of Shotokan Karate Leadership School. Each step of Tiger's adventure is a character lesson that is taught to our students as they work to acheive their black belt. It is part of our proprietary curriculum and may only be used as such with prior written consent. All children are welcome to read it for their personal enjoyment and development.

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