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DescriptionIn Piano Lessons Book 5, students are introduced to sixteenth notes in various rhythm patterns. The wide variety of student selections includes 3 folk, 4 jazz, 13 classical and 8 contemporary original pieces. Scales (in both 8th and 16th note patterns) with their cadences are presented in five major and five minor keys. Root, 1st inversion, 2nd inversion, and open position chords for each key centre are introduced. This package includes both a Piano Lessons Book and CD featuring wonderful tracks to accompany the student during practice or performance. SonglistA Minor Contribution [Boyd, Bill]A Whispered Promise [Keveren, Phillip]Allegro [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]Arabesque [Burgmuller, Fredrich]Bethena [Joplin, Scott]Bouncing Back [Keverin, Phillip]Canon In D T.337 [Pachelbel, Johann]Cartoon Villain [Keveren, Phillip]Curtain Call [Keveren, Phillip]Everybody´s Blues [Boyd, Bill]Fantasia [Telemann, Georg Philipp]German Dance [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]Gypsy Song [Reinhold, Hugo]Innocence [Burgmuller, Fredrich]Inspector Hound Returns [Keveren, Phillip]Michael, Row The Boat AshoreMinuet In G Minor [Bach, Anna Magdalena]Nothing Could Be Finer Than Minor [Boyd, Bill]Prelude [Concone, Giuseppe]Romance In B Minor [Keveren, Phillip]Scherzino [Maykapar, Samuel]Simple GiftsSpinning A Yarn [Keveren, Phillip]The Bear [Rebikoff, Vladimir]The Clown [Rebikov, Vladimir]The Kind Cuckoo [Couperin, Francois]Wade In The Water [Kern, Fred]Windmill [Keveren, Philip]

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