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Biology 101 , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 69min, (USK 18)
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Biology was Emily’s most painful class - not because the subject was difficult, but because she was sitting next to Avery, the sexiest woman alive!Avery, with her long blonde hair and panty-flashing skirts, was Emily’s fantasy in the flesh. Emily, nicknamed Mouse in high school, couldn’t hope to be noticed by the dream girl in the next seat.Except, Avery was throwing out a lot of signals. Inviting Emily for a hike, brushing up against her, murmuring her name in a voice that sent bolts of desire pulsing through Emily’s core. Was she imagining it, or could Avery possibly be interested?“If you were the last girl alive I wouldn’t have you!”A cruel voice from the past echoed in Emily’s ears, causing a surge of humiliation and shame. She had vowed never to look at another girl, and to let her guard down with Avery was too dangerous.Then, fate intervenes. Emily and Avery are assigned to partner on a presentation about primate sexuality. One hot study session at Avery’s apartment leads the partners into some deep research that goes far beyond frisky monkeys! Emily is prepared to let go of the past, until one sexy suggestion reignites her crippling insecurity.What will it take for Emily to rid herself of those crushing memories and start to trust again? How can Avery prove herself to her skittish lover? Her answer - and this lesson in love - will take your breath away. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Louise Flame. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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