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Adopted - A Dog's Tale
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Baby the dog tells her story from the time she is adopted from an animal shelter in Arkansas, to her move across the country to Arizona. While living in Arizona Baby meets her best friend, Beejay. Beejay is a big, lovable dog who loves adventures just as much as Baby. They have a blast kayaking, paddleboarding, at a pool party, and they have many more fun times together. Baby and her human parents make a trip out to California where she meets a German Shepherd at Dog Beach. The German Shepherd teaches her a few words in German and a quick little geography lesson. Baby asks, 'Germany? Is that close to Arizona or California?' When Baby goes to a surf dog competition, she meets Ziggy, Moonbeam, and Sky. They give her some insight to surfing, while using surf slang. 'You want to look for consistent waves, not anything too gnarly, certainly not a bomb.' Each adventure moves along fluidly, and makes you want to turn the page to find out what happens next. Not only are her escapades with other dogs humorous, but also her interaction with humans will tickle your funny bone. Baby is half Jack Russell, half Chihuahua and she shows a lot of character. As Baby says, 'Of course I have character! I'm a Jackahuahua!'

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