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Cave Tour & Rock Restaurant Visit
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AboutThe cave is a 50 meter round sinkhole in the middle of a small jungle. A large natural rock sculpture in the shape of an elephant is used by locals as an altar to make offerings to the spirits who live in the cave and request for their support. The cave is accessible by a few stairs and wooden decking so people with general fitness level can enjoy this hidden wonder tucked away in the tropical jungle. It gives a unique chance to swim in the cave. ItineraryFirst stop will be at the most popular Zanzibar restaurant - Rock. We will have some drink, have nice photos for Instagram to make friend jealous. Then we will leave to Kuza cave. History going back to the beginning of our story as humans originating in East Africa. Then you will discover the ancient limestone cave and crystal clear healing mineral water pool. After swimming in the cave, you will have some fun and enjoy a few songs – Swahili singing and drumming. After tour will have a Swahili Cooking lesson with tasty lunch

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