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Summer Culinary Journey in Peru
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June 29-Jul 8, Jul 8-17, July 27-August 5, and August 5-14. Included in package: 6 Dinners (Tasting Menu and Wine Pairing at Astrid y Gastón, Central, MAP Cafe and OSSO and dinner at Pachapapa and Indio Feliz), 5 Lunches (Tasting Menu and Drink Pairing at Maido and Virgilio Martinez's Mil, Market tour/fruit tasting, cooking lesson, and lunch at Sky Kitchen, Lunch at Gastón Acurio's La Mar and a Pachamanca), and all breakfasts. It includes 9 nights Lodging including all Hotel Staff gratuities (5 nights at the Hilton Lima Miraflores, 3 nights at the JW Marriott el Convento Cusco, and 1 night in Tierra Viva Machu Picchu), Domestic airfare to and from Cuzco, Transfer to and from Lima's international airport, 1-day Machu Picchu entrance, Train to Machu Picchu, Guide in Machu Picchu, Tour of Sacred Valley, and all gratuities, Tour of Casa de Gastronomía peruana and Museo Larco, and 24-hour in-country concierge service.

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