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For 25 years, peace officer Robert T. Christensen patrolled the streets of Kalamazoo, keenly aware every decision he made could have serious, even fatal, consequences. He learned this lesson early in his career, when a belligerent suspect beat the young rookie unconscious. Throughout his career, Christensen made a habit of reviewing his actions. What tactics had he used? What immediate circumstances prompted his decisions? Could a slight change in strategy have improved the outcome? Viewing every situation as a learning experience molded Christensen into one of Kalamazoo´s top cops. Out of the Darkness and into the Blue recounts the most significant encounters in Christensen´s career, but is more than the exciting memoirs of a veteran police officer. Christensen follows each chapter with a thorough analysis, discussing tactics, and training concepts relevant to his experiences. Along the way, Christensen tackles many of the most important topics in law enforcement today, from racial profiling and deadly force to the challenges LGBT individuals face in a predominantly heterosexual field. A fascinating exploration of one police officer´s thought processes, Out of the Darkness and into the Blue is an entertaining listen and valuable resource for anyone learning about - or serving in - the criminal justice system. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Jeff Hoyt. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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