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Superinvestors: Lessons from the Greatest Inves...
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There´s never been a better time to be an ordinary investor. With more opportunities, lower costs, and a more level playing field than ever before, the individual really can go head-to-head with the professionals. But there remains one big difference between Wall Street (or the Square Mile) and the individual investor: technique and experience. Superinvestors provides both in a new way. Based on MoneyWeek´s popular ´´Great Investors in History´´ column, it takes an in-depth look at 20 of the best investors in the last 200 years and shows the listener how to copy them. These investors have been picked for a variety of criteria, including their investing excellence, the different ways in which they made money - and, above all, for what they can teach individual investors. Investors representing a wide range of investment styles are included - ranging from David Ricardo, who made a fortune by correctly predicting the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo, to the patient value-orientated approach of Warren Buffett. The book also looks at some of the innovators, including John Bogle´s development of index funds as a low-cost way of getting exposure to the market and David Harding´s data-driven approach that aims to avoid human emotion. The book then looks at each of the investors´ careers in depth. This includes their background, the strategies that they used to beat their peers and an honest evaluation of their success, using a special star ranking system. Naturally, the main focus is on their best investments. However, sometimes failures can be extremely instructive - and the book looks at those investments that didn´t quite go to plan. Finally, each chapter concludes by detailing the lessons that ordinary investors can learn from them. Superinvestors is a treasure trove of success stories, cautionary tales, legendary stock picks and world-beating strategies that will fascinate and inspire investors of every level. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Fenella Fudge, Simon Rose, David Ricardo, Pearce, Glenn Thompsett, Ed Bowsher, Gavin Oldham. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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