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Hard Lessons
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Auf der Eastern Atlantik Universität wird falsches Spiel getrieben. Wenn die Aufstellungsrangordnung des Footballteams bei den Zensuren nicht berücksichtigt wird, dann wird auch die Football-Saison zum Glücksspiel. Als sich eine Professorin versucht dagegen zu wehren, wird sie überfallen. Der Undecoveragent Thomasson wird eingeschleust. Dieser muß feststellen, daß das Footballteam seine Muskeln nicht nur auf dem Spielfeld einsetzt...

Stand: Jan 16, 2019
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Hard Lessons [DVD]
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DVD / FSK-Freigabe: ab 18 Jahren / Label: Alive - Vertrieb und Marketing / Regisseur: Steve McQueen / Darsteller: Tyler Nixon, Samantha Bentley, Ava Dalush, Alexei Jackson, Amber Nevada / Sprache: Deutsch Dolby Digital 2.0 / Tonformat: Stereo / Spieldauer: 80 min

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Stand: Feb 15, 2019
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Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Lay It On Down (Limited-...
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Lay It On Down (Limited-Deluxe-Digibook)Disc 11 Baby got gone2 Diamonds & gold3 Nothing but the night4 Lay it on down5 Shes $$$6 Hard lesson learned7 Down for love8 How low can you go9 Louisiana rain10 Ride of your life11 Lay it on down (Acoustic)

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Stand: Feb 18, 2019
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Will Work for Shoes: The Business Behind Red Ca...
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Get huge, powerful, cheap exposure for your brand by harnessing the star power of celebrities. If you want your product to be a household name, look no further than the so-called Rich and Famous, who, as Susan Ashbrook shows in this practical, star-studded guide, wield potent influence over the buying public. Through colorful stories straight from the red carpet, hard-won lessons taken from years in the industry, and interviews with the top names in celebrity marketing, Ashbrook shows you how to - get your product on the body or in the hands of a celebrity - connect with stylists, publicists, and other handlers who have access to the star - avoid awkward product celebrity match-ups and find the perfect person for your brand - execute a celebrity marketing campaign for next to nothing - get valuable loaned product back from sticky-fingered stars - prepare for the attention and increased demand when you have a celebrity hit.

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Stand: Jan 22, 2019
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Fetenhits - The Real Classics (DVD)
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Es ist an der Zeit, dass wir von FETENHITS nicht nur was zum Hören bekommen, sondern auch was zum Sehen... FETENHITS, die erfolgreichste Marke auf dem Sektor der Partymusik, jetzt zum ersten Mal auf DVD Video. Und was liegt da näher, als einmal die Videos der amtlichen Party-Kracher zusammenzustellen. Also, wer immer schon einmal so richtig zu den Videoklassikern abtanzen und mitsingen wollte, jetzt gehts los! Video-Tracklisting/Reihenfolge: 1. Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 2. Cameo - Word Up 3. Kool & The Gang - Celebration 4. ABC - The Look Of Love 5. Shakatak - Down On The Street 6. Level 42 - Lessons In Love 7. Donna Summer - She Works Hard For The Money 8. Adamski - Killer 9. Robert Palmer - Bad Case Of Lovin You 10.Chris De Burgh - High On Emotion 11.Bob Geldorf - The Great Song Of Indifference 12.Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time 13.Camouflage - The Great Commandment 14.The Cure - Boys Dont Cry 15.Status Quo - In The Army Now 16.Tears For Fears - Shout 17.Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama 18.Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen 19.Opus - Live Is Life 20.Soft Cell - Tainted Love 21.Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star 22.Vengaboys - Up & Down 23.Loona - Bailando 24.King Africa - La Bomba 25.Milk & Sugar - Love Is In The Air 26.Hermes House Band - Country RoadsBonusmaterial:DVD-Ausstattung / Bonusmaterial: - Kapitel- / Szenenanwahl - Animiertes DVD-Menü - Alle Originalvideos - Bildergalerie - 3D animierte Menüwechsel - Trivial Pursuit Quiz mit Überraschung - 9 Videos mit Akkorden zum Mitspielen - Gesamter Backkatalog der FETENHITS CD-Serie - Booklet

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Stand: Feb 6, 2019
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The Ronettes - The Colpix Years 1961 - 1963 (LP...
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(Cornbread) 12 tracks - Album comes with download code Nedra, Estelle and the voice of Veronica. Beehives, Phil Spector anti ´´Be My Baby´´. Mascara vibrato and ´Baby I Love You´. Slit sarongs, castanets and ´Walking In The Rain´. Takes you back? Well, let´s go way back. Before the Wall of Sound, to Spanish Harlem in the mid-fifties. Thirteen-year-old Veronica ´Ronnie´ Spector, big sister Estelle and younger cousin Nedra Talley are gathered around their grandmother´s radio. They are listening intently to ´Why Do Fools Fall In Love´. With their other cousins they spent many a happy afternoon at the apartment rehearsing songs together and singing along with the latest doo-wop records. Ronnie loved Frankie Lymon´s voice and modelled her own singing style on his. Ronnie, Estelle and Nedra were from a very large musically appreciative family. All their aunts and uncles loved to sing and dance. So it was agreed that the three girls should take singing lessons. They soon found themselves an agent and before long some professional work. Known briefly as the Darling Sisters and wearing frilled party dresses they trilled ´Goodnight Sweetheart´ and other hit songs of the day in three part harmony to bar mitzvah audiences. It was hardly the big time, but it was a start. By 1961, having adopted the moniker Ronnie and the Relatives, the group had become a little restless playing hops and bar mitzvahs. Once again their agent Phil Halikus came to the rescue. He´d arranged for them to audition for Stu Phillips at Colpix Records. With that audition passed, and their first recording session completed, July 1961 saw the release of their first single. It coupled ´What´s so Sweet About Sweet Sixteen´ with ´I Want A Boy´ and sold very poorly. As did the second Ronnie and the Relatives 45 ´I´m Gonna Quit While I´m Ahead´ b/w ´My Guiding Angel´ released on Colpix´s May subsidiary at the beginning of 1962. Two singles bearing the group name were released in 1962. ´Silhouettes´ (an old song the Ronettes loved) coupled with ´You Bet I Would´ (co-written by the upcoming Carole King) hit the new release racks for May in April. ´I´m On The Wagon´ b/w ´I´m Gonna Quit While I´m Ahead´ foillowed two months later on the parent Colpix label. Aside from their duties recording for Colpix and twisting around the clock at the Peppermint Loung, Ronnie, Estelle and Nedra kept themselves busy as session singers and dancing girls. They sang back-ups for Del Shannon, Conway Twitty and, amongst others, Joey Dee. And, in all probability, it was the Ronettes who recorded four tracks in the guise of the Heartbreakers with R ´n´ B producer Bert Berns in April 1962. After two hard years in the business, in early 1963 the girls had the extreme good fortune to meet top record producer Phil Spector. He agreed to meet them at Mira Sound studios in New York and had them sing it bunch of Frankie Lymon and Little Anthony songs. Immediately hooked on Ronnie´s delicious looks and voice, and keen for a new act for his Philles label roster Spector was eager to sign the group. Problem was that the Ronettes were still signed to Colpix. So, Beatrice Bennett, mother of Estelle and Ronnie, approached Colpix and told them that the group were disenchanted with the music business and wanted to quit. Thus extricated from their contract, the Ronettes were free to sign with Philles Records. Colpix Records utilised the remaining Roulettes recordings they held in the can. In March 1963 the May label put ´The Memory´ and ´Good Girls´ together on a single, and two years later the Colpix-conned Dimension logo scheduled ´He Did It´ b/w ´Recipe For Love´ as a new release. Soon after signing the Ronettes to his Philles label in March 1963 Phil Spector had Ronnie ensconced in a dimly lit Hollywood recording studio singing over an old Darlene Love backing track. The group spent the next few months rehearsing at an apartment on loan from Arnold Goland, while Spector collaborated with Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich on what was to become a worldwide smash - ´Be My Baby´. This Cornbread vinyl is of considerable archival importance. It contains all 11 tracks the Ronettes recorded for the Colpix label, but also a rare chance to hear Ronnie, Estelle and Nedra providing their distinctive vocal support on Joey Dee´s ´Getting Nearer´. from 1963. So settle back and enjoy the original voices of the beehive.

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