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The Founder and the Force Multiplier , Hörbuch,...
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If you are an executive assistant interested in learning how to build a dynamic and fulfilling career, or a leader looking to hire or establish a better relationship with your right hand, then this book is for you.The Founder and the Force Multiplier explores the partnership between the entrepreneur and the executive assistant. Listen to it together. Compare notes. Use it as a catalyst for engaging in fierce conversations. The power of the partnership only works when you are both committed to challenging each other and growing together every day. Founder Adam Hergenrother and his Chief of Staff, Hallie Warner, have worked side by side for over eight years. Adam brings the vision and Hallie follows through. They don´t have it all figured out; they are far from perfect, and they´ve had their share of growing pains over the years.Throughout this book, they share whats worked for them, what they´ve learned along this journey, and some best practices that they recommend you implement immediately to get results. It is their hope that the lessons you learn here will help you find success and fulfillment in your business, your career, and your life as a whole. Without a doubt, together you will achieve more.Leaders, find your force multiplier. Force multipliers, find your leader. Lets get started. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Adam Hergenrother, Hallie Warner. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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