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Hello! I´m a girl from Finland. I graduaded last year from highschool and came to Germany to work as an AuPair. My contract is ended, but I would still like to continue working with children. I have always enjoyed being with children. I started to work actively with children, when I was 15 years old. I have worked as a babysitter to my neighbors and family friends but I´ve also been working as an instructor at children´s camps. I have experience from holding a children´s club every Sunday at church too. The kids in my group have been between ages 2-12. For both, camps and clubs, I have took part for trainings that have prepared me to work with children. In my freetime I like to do many activities. I meet often my friends, go jogging or play music. I took violin lessons for 9 years, but I also learned to play guitar and piano myself. I love singing too. I sang in a choir for four years. As a motherlanguage, I speak Finnish and Romanian. Finnish, because I was born in Finland and I grew up there. Romanian, because my parents come from Romania. At school I learned English and a little bit of Swedish and German. My German lever right now is A2-B1 and I would love to parctice and learn more.

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