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Foyle's War (1939-1941)
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This dramatic 12 story collection features the superb first years from the tales of Foyle's War, dealing with the war years, 1939 to 1941. Michael Kitchen stars as the thoughtful and enigmatic Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle. With England in the grip of the Second World War, Foyle has been anxious to join the war effort but his applications are repeatedly turned down. Returning home to the South Coast, it soon becomes apparent that his detective skills are vitally needed on the home front. As the war rages over Europe, Foyle fights his own battle against murder, mystery and betrayal on the south coast of England; an ordinary struggle against everyday evil - in extraordinarily dangerous times. Episodes Comprise: Series 1 The German Woman The White Feather A Lesson in Murder Eagle Day Series 2 Fifty Ships Among the Few War Games The Funk Hole Series 3 The French Drop Enemy Fire They Fought in the Fields A War of Nerves

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