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Stupid Dream (remastered) (180g) (Limited Editi...
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Porcupine Tree-Stupid Dream (Limited Edition)Disc 11 Even Less2 Piano Lessons3 Stupid Dream4 Pure Narcotic5 Slave Called Shiver6 Dont Hate MeDisc 21 This Is No Rehearsal2 Baby Dream In Cellophane3 Stranger By The Minute4 A Smart Kid5 Tinto Brass6 Stop Swi

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Guitar World The Best Instruction Book Ever! - ...
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Have you ever imagined playing the blues like Eric Clapton, shredding like Eddie Van Halen or strumming like Paul Simon? The editors of Guitar World, the world´s best-selling guitar magazine, will help you make your dreams come true, even if you´ve never played guitar before. In Guitar World Presents The Best Instruction Book Ever! you´ll find everything you need to learn to play like a pro, including: Essential guitar instruction-from first chords and scales to advanced tricks and techniques for rhythm and solo playing. The chords, scales and electrifying riff s used in your favorite blues, classic rock, country and heavy metal songs. An easy TAB system that shows you which strings to fret and pick. Hundreds of full-color photographs and diagrams. A DVD with video examples for every lesson in the book. Plus, tips and encouragement from guitar legends like Pink Floyd´s David Gilmour, ZZ Top´s Billy Gibbons, Queen´s Brian May, and B.B. King!

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