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Femdom Wife, Book 8: Tales of Domestic Discipli...
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Three scorching-hot tales of femdom domestic discipline! This scorching-hot bundle features three stories of femdom wives and domestic discipline!  Included in the bundle:  "Sandra Craves Her Cuckold Cleanup"  Sandra fulfills both her and her husband’s ultimate fantasy in one fell swoop. After a planned night out where she was filled and creamed by another man, the stunning wife takes her treat back home and welcomes her husband as he drops to his knees...eager to clean her up.   "Alison Shows Her Husband the True Meaning of Total Submission"  When Alison spots her ex-boyfriend, memories come flooding back of the nights he had her pinned down on the bed as he dominated her body for his pleasure. Intent on teaching her husband the true meaning of domination, Alison dons her own plastic cock and introduces her husband to the reality of total submission.   "Busted, Smothered and Humiliated in Front of the Neighbour" Chloe is furious at catching her husband flirting with the MILF next door. She decides on teaching him a lesson in ball-busting, goddess worship, and public humiliation as she subjects her husband to an evening of outdoor domination and humiliation.   Click "Buy Now" and enjoy all three stories!  This sizzling-hot collection of short stories contains first-time femdom, domestic discipline, backdoor domination, tease and denial, ball-busting, goddess worship, female domination, and a dominant woman dominating submissive men, and it should be listened to by adults only. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Veronica Harder. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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