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Calligraphy Lesson:The Collected Stories Deep Vellum Publishing Mikhail Shishkin

Stand: Dec 28, 2018
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A Computational Approach to Digital Chinese Pai...
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A Computational Approach to Digital Chinese Painting and Calligraphy is a technical book on computer science and its applications in the arts. It focuses on Oriental digital arts, in particular Chinese arts and painting, offering a multi-disciplinary treatment from the angles of computer graphics, interactive techniques, human-computer interaction, and artificial intelligence. The book also discusses the unique difficulties and challenges of using the computer to produce Oriental arts, including research results by the authors and their lessons and engineering experiences behind these efforts. Songhua Xu is a computer scientist of Zhejiang University and Yale University, as well as an honorary researcher of the University of Hong Kong. Francis C.M. Lau is Professor at the University of Hong Kong where he leads the Systems Research Group in the Department of Computer Science. Yunhe Pan is Professor of Computer Science at Zhejiang University as well as Deputy President of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

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Stand: Jan 4, 2019
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Finding Home: A Memoir of Arts and Crafts , Hör...
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Finding Home speaks to everyone who appreciates arts and crafts and the role they play making a home. In a series of twenty-six brief essays the author reflects on a range of topics - from rug hooking and macrame to tole painting, letter writing, calligraphy, card making, and porcelain painting. The audiobook is a tribute to the ability of modest excursions into popular crafts to make a difference - by making us aware of the beauty and lessons found as we create in multiple mediums. Lessons not only for the projects we undertake, but for living. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Anne Ayers Koch, Dan Weiss. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: Dec 17, 2018
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Ninja Skills: The Authentic Ninja Training Manual
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This is the world´s only illustrated guide to the real ninja teachings of historic Japan. These original techniques are presented in a highly accessible ´how-to´ format that combines easy-to-follow text with a fresh, contemporary design that includes step-by-step photographs. This is the first book ever to present the authentic ninja techniques in a highly accessible, illustrated ´how to´ format. The shadowy figure of the ninja - expert commando, secret agent, maverick who operates outside social norms - continues to exert fascination in the West, yet much of what is presented as ninja fact today is distorted or wrong. Drawing on the scrolls created by historical Japanese ninjas (or shinobi, as they were then known), this book offers the real ninja teachings in 150 easy-to-follow, illustrated lessons designed to draw contemporary students of ninja straight into the world of these skilled spy-commandos. The truth about the ninja is so much more complex and intriguing than the Hollywood clichés we know today. We may think, for example, of a ninja as being always garbed in black and fighting with ´throwing stars´ but in fact, a ninja had clothes in different colours to serve as disguises for different times of day, and their arsenal of weaponry could include anything from poison, poison gas, pepper spray and fire-creating tools to swords, spears and knives (but no throwing stars). The 150 lessons in this book cover all the basics of ninja warcraft, including clever ideas for infiltrating an enemy compound (from wearing ´silent sandals´ to faking passes and passwords), tactics for hiding and retreat (in the racoon dog retreat, a ninja will crouch low and halt, allowing the pursuer to collide with him at speed, whereupon the agent kills his enemy), and ways of crossing marshes and water (for example, with special shoes made of boards, or using a foldaway floating seat). The description is made all the more vivid by step-by-step photographs of the fighting techniques, diagrams outlining military tactics and beautiful samples of Japanese calligraphy.

Stand: Jan 21, 2019
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