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Hello, I´m Stella! I am an aspiring Kindergarten teacher living in the beautiful quiet suburb of Falkensee with my beloved partner. We have just returned to Germany from Denmark, and I have a lot of time to care for children before my „Ausbildung´´ starts. I come from the Philippines where I grew up and learned to love arts, cooking and homemaking. Like my partner, I am also passionate about health and the environment. I like to stay active with sports and other hobbies such as flow arts and dancing. Art-making is my biggest talent, so rest assured, your child(ren) will have a creative, fun and nurturing time with me. Being the eldest of two sisters, I consider myself to be in a lucky position. I have a first-hand experience of everything: from changing diapers to pinning medals, playing games after games and tutoring after classes. I had taken full responsibility for my younger sisters while my parents work in the day. Here is what I can offer: - light-cooking/feeding (making snacks, etc) - performing light-housekeeping - doing laundry (loading & unloading machine) - changing diapers - preparing bottles - transporting kids (picking them up after school, bringing them to soccer practice, etc) - helping with homework, English tutoring - playtime/lessons (reading to them, doing arts & crafts, etc) - getting ready for bed

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