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Introduction As long as I can remember I have had an interest in natural therapies and spirituality. In the early 80's I started a journey to understand and enjoy all therapies before I eventually decided to qualify as a Reflexologist. I was extremely lucky in that I was able to study with the experts in their respective field at that time in the UK. I started with Aromatherapy a therapy I think has so much to offer to so many. This led me on to Massage including Indian Head Massage. That again is so beneficial for relaxation and healing. I then tried Reiki. I personally think that this is God's way of dressing up Spiritual Healing to be acceptable, and I am all for that. Next was Color Therapy. This was certainly one of the most interesting to study, how color affects all of us, our moods, how we behave and how using certain colors can help to change our thinking. I then went on to Crystal Healing and to this day have a collection of crystals that I would not be without. Finally I read about Reflexology and was surprised to learn that it was both preventative as well as able to help relieve symptoms of illnesses and in many cases eradicate all together. This was the longest course I did taking over a year (1997) and studying Anatomy and Physiology to take a written and oral exam that I am delighted to say I passed with a distinction. I am passionate about Reflexology and have complete faith in its accomplishments. Finally I was driven to look in to the mind and read widely on that subject. I was extremely lucky to stumble across Louise Hay and use her 'Little Blue book' and would not be without it. Louise Hay's philosophy is that all ailments stem from the mind. Disease is 'Dis-Ease' in the body. I read her book and then spent a year experimenting on myself and at the same time spent hours researching her theories on friends, family and clients. Again I believe whole heartedly in her methods and have proved it to myself when working with other people. I also did a course on Neuro Linguistic Programming. Initially I thought it was all about body language. I have since taken more courses and their techniques are life changing. Finally I studied and used Bach Flower Remedies and cannot stress the value of these. My quest for knowledge never ceases and I continue to look at all things that come about and I am currently researching EFT commonly known as Tapping. In 2000 I was diagnosed with cancer and was told that if they had not found it I would have had six months to live. My reaction was to say that I had far too much to do so I am not ready to go yet. Once I got through the year of treatment during which time I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and lost my hair. I learnt a lot about myself and other people during this time. I realized that even with putting on 3 ¿ stone in weight and losing my hair people still loved me and I had great support from family and real friends. I made up my mind then that having survived it all I was determined to put my health first and change my ways accordingly. I did a lot of self awareness courses that gave me great insight in to how my life had been and how I could change without becoming selfish and self centered but looking after me first and foremost. I still struggle with that one because my nature is to give and nurture but I have also learnt to receive. One of my great friends said to me : ' you are such a giver Sue, why do you deprive other people the pleasure of doing the same for you'. This is such a small sentence but a big lesson. At that time I also went for counseling and we have a big stigma in the UK about that. I have to say it was one of the best things I ever did. It is often much easier to talk to a stranger and unload all the things that worry you. They bring you to realizations that you would never have thought of on your own. I also read vastly and there are so many self help books out there to he

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